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nominations and awards

The companies, products and or services featured in this section, have been selected by Mark & Rebecca and the All The Sex Team as award winning products.  Winners are chosen based on the following categories: 

  • Quality

    • The product must be made of quality and durable enough to withstand normal use during the expected period.  Quality means high grade materials, that offer the customer a fun and luxurious experience. ​

  • Unique

    • The product must be able to shake up their competitors with one of a kind features, design, or distinct attributes. 

  • Innovative​​

    • The product is advanced and original.  Introducing new ideas and creativity in the market. 

  • Results

    • The product must deliver the advertised results.  Does the product do the intended job without fail?​

  • Body Safe

    • The product must be made using only body safe materials.

  • Fun​​

    • The product must be fun, and this may be the most important category!  Whether intended for solo or couple play, the product absolutely has to be fun to play with.  This includes no distraction from complicated instructions or steps during use.

Each week a nominee for the monthly award will be announced.  Each monthly winner will be eligible for "Product of The Year".





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