Season 4

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Sex Confessions
We're talking Sex Confessions!! We're joined in studio by our friend, Dewaine Harley, and once again the conversation is NSFW. But, that's the way we like it!
Jaeleen Bennis Bondassage
The Sex Mechanic (1)
Hot Octopuss
Sex With Ghosts-
Dr. Dawn Michael artwork
My Husband Won't Have Sex With Me
Sex injuries Are Back (1)
November 5th at 4-00-6-00PM EST
rene pour
Raven Hart
Whores on Flim
Mistress Couple
Briana Banks
The Briana Banks! This interview is so much fun! Listen Now!!
Savana styles
Sexy Savana Styles heats it up with Mark & Rebecca. Interview is captured mid-porn shoot with Savana playing Poison Ivy. So much fun!
Zumio Artwork
Zumio! Our favorite power toy to date! Listen in as we talk to Steven, CRO of Zumio! This is a hot interview!
Sexiest Gifts Ideas For The Season!
Get your Holiday on with our Black Friday Deals we can't get enough of! All our favorite Steals and Deals of the season!
Caught Having Sex
Ever been caught having sex? This is your episode. Especially for parents.. Super Funny!!
Neil broadbent
We chat with Neil Broadbent, the man with the most epic breakup video of all time!!! Over 200 Million views... AND his book, "From Yeadon To YouTube".

Get the whole story behind the video right here!!!!

This is Neil's WORLD PREMIERE, first-ever interview!! So tune in & get the scoop!!!
Couples Choice
Chicago's Sexiest on Premesis Lifestyle Club
The Hand Pilot (1)
Adam & Eve ArtWork
Sex & Other Fuckery
Demonseed show 12102017
Billy Procida Artwork
Stand Up Comedian and Host of The Manwhore Podcast - Billy Procida
Taylor Lianne Chandler Artwork
Sonia Harcourt & Erik Todd
Real Porn, Real Married Couple! Sexy Christmas Eve Fun!
NYE 2017
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Della Dane
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Pick Up Lines Edition
Failsthe weddingnight edition
how to tell she's in the mood
BDSM A Beginners Guide
Under The Covers
21 ways to blow her mind tonight
Godemiche Artwork
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