Podcast Overview

  1. How can we communicate:

    1. Skype

    2. Skype user name (theflirtingfox) or search by email theflirtingfox@hotmail.com

    3. We prefer Skype because it’s integrated with our recording software.

  2. I have never done a podcast before I’m nervous.

    1. Not to worry. Mark & Rebecca will provide an outline about the content to be discussed.  You will have this prior to your interview to make notes, adjustments to and use during podcast to keep you on track.

  3. What if I want to talk about something specific?

    1. Just let us know.  We respect you.  We want to have a fun show and want to share what’s important as well.

    2. If you receive your outline and we are missing a topic that is important to you then contact us and we will add it to the outline.

  4. Technical Difficulties

    1. We live in the world of technology.  We understand that sometimes your internet fails, or your computer gives you trouble.  If you run into problems we will work with you to resolve them.  If for some reason they can’t be resolved same day then we will reschedule.  Just remember the funniest most memorable mishaps are great publicity. 

  5. What if I don’t like the artwork?

    1. Then our team will hit the drawing board and start over.  We want this to be a pleasurable experience and value your opinion.

  6. How will All The Sex Podcast promote my show?

    1. Twitter

    2. Facebook

    3. Instagram

    4. Our Website www.allthesexpodcast.com

    5. Feeds you can link to your website.

    6. Announcements in previous Podcasts.

    7. Newsletters to our listeners (when time allows)

  7. Can I submit my own pictures or links to use?

    1. Absolutely.  We would love to have your pictures, artwork, logos, links, and contact information to share with our listeners.

  8. Where will the show be published?

    1. I-Tunes, I-Heart Radio, YouTube, Google Play, Stitcher, Spreaker, www.allthesexpodcast.com, Twitter links, Instagram links, Facebook links, and more.

    2. You will also may be featured post interview on our blog page at www.allthesexpodcast.com

  9. What if I want to return on another date to share again?

    1. We love repeat shows/regular guests, and sharing with your clients.  We will work to make this happen.

  10.  Can I have a private session for promotion of my product, site, or business?

    1. Yes, we do offer private recording sessions to have just listed on your site.  Contact Mark today to find out pricing. mark@theflirtingfox.com

  11.  Do I have to feature my products at www.theflirtingfox.com?

    1. We invite you to feature your products even if we don’t carry them.  But it is not necessary to do so to podcast with us.  We support all products that enhance a sex positive lifestyle.

  12. Can I send sample products, books, audio or video files, or other promotional material for you to review prior to recording?

    1. Yes, we welcome having the opportunity to have your products and offer an honest, but positive review.  Plus, this gives us the ability to better promote your product/services.

  13.  Can I feature the Recorded Podcast on my website?

    1. Absolutely, we can send you a link to have a player and feed directly imbedded on your site.

  14.  How long do I have to talk for?

    1. Generally, our shows are an hour.  You can book 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or have a full hour.  If you book less than an hour we will compile correlating information and discuss a the new topic after we are finished our recording session with you.

  15.  Does it cost me money to be a guest?

    1. No.  We NEVER charge for our guests.  We are pleased to have you be a part of our show. 

  16. Who will I be on the Air with?

    1. Mark & Rebecca, Owners of The Flirting Fox webstore and Hosts of All The Sex. 

    2. Mark is a former Rock Drummer who played professional for 2 decades.  He then turned Dating Coach.

    3. Rebecca is a former Sex Toy Representative.  She worked for several major corporations and an e-commerce store before settling into her career as a Registered Nurse.  As an RN, her primary focus is on Women’s Health, Labor and Delivery and Surgical Nursing.

    4. Mark and Rebecca are married and opened their webstore and started their podcast together to teach educate and entertain people.  It is important to have a full life, including your personal relationships and intimate moments.  Plus you should laugh and enjoy it.  Therefore we offer a large range of types of episodes and material.

  17.  OK, I’m in, What now?

    1. Let’s do this! If you have this outline, then all we need is a date and time and we will book it!

    2. Or you can self book online, under Guest Self Booking.  We will send you a confirmation e-mail.





Michigan, USA